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KG Fabriks

India's leading Denim Manufacturer of Sustainable Denim
2030 aspirational sustainable goal of every brand reached before 2020

Green DNM

  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Zero Solid Discharge
  • 80% Recycled caustic usage
  • 90% Dye uptake
  • 3.5% usage of Indigo Dye for same deep shade
  • Less than 15 liters of Water/kilogram of Denim
  • Usage of 50% renewable energy
  • 100% Utilization of cotton (including waste for useful purpose)
  • 100% Utilization of Yarn (including waste for useful purpose)
  • No usage of softener in finishing

Certified and Audited on 3 years performance

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Product Zero

  • 90% dye uptake
  • 1.5% usage of indigo dye for laser friendly denim
  • Zero thermal energy
  • Zero virgin fibers in weft
  • Recycled raw material in warp
  • Zero usage of softeners
  • Zero usage of fresh water
  • Zero usage of fresh caustic
  • Zero solid & liquid Discharge

Certified and Audited on 3 years performance

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KG Fabriks Receives National Water Award


Feb. 2019 KG Fabriks, a unit of Sri Kannapiran Mills Limited, has been recognised, with a 1st place in the National Water Award 2018, given by the Union Ministry of Water Re-sources and River Development. KG Fabriks makes denim fabric and consumes just 6 litres of water to make a metre of denim as compared to competition which uses 60 litres per metre of denim.

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The Greenest Mill in The World

The Greenest Mill in The World – Srihari Balakrisnan, MD of KG Fabriks Speaks to Manjunath Gangadhar of SmartSustain.

Adhereing to their extensive CSR activities, KG Fabriks give due importance to environmental sustainability. So on this earth day none else would be apt other than Srihari Balakrishnan to share thoughts with SmartSustain.